05 January 2019

Auckland Plane Spotting - 4

On the 30th of December 2018 I had a day of plane spotting at Auckland...

The changing face of Air New Zealand's Boeing 777-200s as they are repainted...





Ring in ZK-OKJ on lease from Singapore Airlines to cover for broken Boeing 787-9s

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  1. As much as I'm going to miss the teal and blue livening up the airports here and abroad. It will be nice to see Air NZ have one color scheme... It's been a long time since a livery was fleet wide. From when the Pacific wave stickers was slowly scrapped to be a basically a euro white livery, then the black tails to what we have now.... must ten years now?
    Anyway wow 22 years for the Pacific wave/euro white livery. The stripes did age and have that 80s feel. The Pacific wave livery aged every well and remained realivant.
    Always felt that those colours best represented our country being clean green but more so being a country that was forest (teal/green) and sea (blue) represented in those colours.