11 January 2019

CIY in Service

One year and two days after arriving in New Zealand as N135GU arrived into Auckland on its delivery flight from Guam, Air Chathams' Saab 340A ZK-CIY commenced airline service this evening, 11 January 2019, operating Flight 3C 650 from Auckland to the Kāpiti Coast.

Meanwhile it was a great day to catch all Air Chathams' Saab and Metro fleet

Operating flight 3C 830 to Whakatane today was Fairchild Metroliner ZK-CIC
Fairchild Metroliner ZK-CID had operated flight 3C 829 from Whakatane to Auckland. Here it is on the taxi back to the hangar.
Saab 340B ZK-CIZ had operated 3C 649 from the Kāpiti Coast to Auckland and it was on the tow to the hangar
Off to Whanganui was Saab 340A ZK-KRA operating flight 3C 708 
Arriving from Blenheim as 3C 228 was Fairchild Metro 23 ZK-POF


  1. Interesting that KRA has the NZ Flag painted above it's rego when none of the other's do.

    1. I believe it was left over from KRA

  2. It suits the aircraft. Perhaps when Air Chathams starts regular Norfolk Island flights we might see the flag on those planes as well.