06 February 2019

A Step in Faith

This morning I had a faith experience with Skydive Fox

Why would you want to step out of a perfectly good aeroplane... Skydive Fox's Fletcher ZK-DJE

On the roll on Runway 27

Past the cuzzie's house

Oi - Hello to the Brazilian jump master

Hold the harness, step out into 13000, feet of nothingness - Holy ****!

Too late now - there goes the plane

Free fall with the goggles on

Mt Cook, Mt Tasman and Fox Glacier

Chute away



  1. You have wings you can fly? Well straight down only! Well done Steve!

  2. You said it! “Mad Bishop!” Crazy as cool! Tumeke e Pihopa!

  3. OMG that's so cool Steve! Go you!! Thankfully you didn't make faces like that when I flew you from gizzy to NPR a couple of years ago lol..... Awesome 👍

  4. Well done Steve! But as I said when my wife did a tandem jump at Parakai recently, I prefer to aviate more horizontally!

  5. Fabulous to experience, isn't it.

  6. Braver than me Steve - well done!!