12 February 2019

Mainland Trainers!

On Monday 11 February 2019 I had the pleasure of meeting up with Phil, Shirley and Jordan Kean from Dunedin's Mainland Air and catching up on their training aircraft. The company is kept happily busy with some 35 trainee pilots on their courses at any one time. In addition to the aircraft below Mainland Air operates Piper Chieftains and Senecas on charter work, aerial survey and air ambulance work. Only Chieftain KVW was in the hangar with the rest of the aircraft being kept busy elsewhere.

The new look of multi engine training for Mainland Air is Tecnam P2006T ZK-MTW... spot the cirrus!

Single engine training is provided in Cessna 152s... The company currently operates 5 - ZK-FGC
and ZK-NSZ

For my profile on Mainland Air's airline operation see http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2010/10/mainland-air-last-airline-to-operate-to.html

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  1. Pretty good set up down there. Would do all my training there if I had my time again.