16 March 2019

Standing with Christchurch

The tragic attacks from Christchurch have shocked me as they have shocked the nation.

Let us remember in solidarity those who were injured and killed, for their families and for all those who have traumatised by the event in Christchurch.

A sad reality of many of the Muslim community in New Zealand is that came here escaping violence and war.

Now that violence and wanton disregard of human life has followed them here.

Let's remember that hateful talk leads to hateful actions.

Instead let us talk words of peace so that our nation maybe a land of peace


  1. Well said.
    I'm standing with you my brothers and sisters in beautiful New Zealand.
    Continue being peaceful. Continue being united. Continue being strong.

  2. Thank you for your words. Nicely said. As our Prime Minister said 'Not our New Zealand'

  3. Very well put. Thank you, these thoughts are important.