11 March 2019

Associated (and others) on the Chathams

Thanks to Hugh Rennie for sending through the two photos and others of aircraft at the Chatham Islands... Hugh writes, These are from 1990 and show Association Aviation aircraft which we chartered to take board members and others to the Island for meetings during the establishment of the Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust.  The first photo of Cessna 402 ZK-DSB dates from mid-1990 and shows the Cessna 402 having top-up fuel. The second photo of Cessna 421 Golden Eagle ZK-DCN was in September 1990 when one of the persons travelling was the then MP for Lyttelton Dr Peter Simpson (suit and beard). The other person in that photo was a shipping expert Mr George Ritchie.

There are more of Hugh's photos that he has sent me at the following links...

The aircraft at the Chathams for the opening of the current Tuuta airport...

Safe Air's Bristol Freighter ZK-CRK at Hapupu aerodrome

Air Charter (Christchurch)'s Piper Aztec at the Chathams

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