05 April 2019

Easter flights for Originair

Originair, which is "due" to restart operating flights from Nelson to both New Plymouth and Palmerston North on 1 May 2019  is now offering Easter flights on Thursday, 18 April and Monday 22 April. In addition to these flights the company is also advertising a flight from Nelson to Whanganui on Thursday 18 April and returning Monday 22 April. One wonders if the addition of the Whanganui flights might suggest these flights will be operated by Air Wanganui?


  1. Would you risk booking a flight with their past record of the last year?

  2. I see there is a post on Facebook from the second of April stating that they are applying for there own AOC and it's taking longer than expected. I think they would have got more support if they had been upfront with what was going on.