09 April 2019

Is this New Zealand's most spectacular air route???

So what is the most spectacular air route in New Zealand??? I think it would be hard to beat Sunair's Tauranga - Great Barrier and Great Barrier - Whitianga - Tauranga route. Yesterday thanks to Sunair's daily deals I got to experience some of Sunair's spectacular scenery....

SAV 72 - Tauranga - Great Barrier Island

The front office of Piper Aztec ZK-PIW
Sunair 10W, Clear to take off Runway 25
Departure past the Mount and the Port of Tauranga

Matakana Island

Bowentown Heads and the Katikati Entrance
Tairua and Pauanui

Looking ahead to Great Barrier Island
The northern end of the Coromandel Peninsula
The two Barriers... Little Barrier Island in the distance and coming up on Great Barrier Island
Sunair 10W joins left base for Runway 28

Sunair 10W, finals 28
The Claris terminal
The three airlines that serve Great Barrier Island, Sunair, Barrier Air and Fly My Sky.
My ride to Great Barrier Island - Sunair's Piper Aztec ZK-PIW at Great Barrier on 8 April 2019

SAV 72 - Great Barrier Island - Whitianga

Sunair 10W lines up Runway 10 at Great Barrier Island
Great Barrier Island  departure

The Coromandel Peninsula in the distance

Sunair 10W, right base for 22 Whitianga

SAV 83 - Whitianga - Tauranga

Sunair 10W lines up Runway 22
Farewell Whitianga

Tairua and Pauanui again

The Katikati entrance and Matakana Island

Mount Maunganui

Thanks to Dan Power and Sunair for a great day


  1. CHC-WSZ was a goodie back in the day, as is CHC-HKK. The CHC-MON-ZQN was pretty amazing as well :)

  2. CHC-WSZ was never operated for long... I hoped to do it with Coastair but we flew CHC-GMZ first rather than CHC-WSZ-GMZ as in the timetable... I was GMZ bound

  3. Shame, WSZ-GMN would have been good fun. Loved the early Monday (I think) morning Eagle CHC-WSZ service. Absolutely magic, with a stunning approach over the Paparoas and around Cape Foulwind. Sometimes it was over Denniston and down the coast into WSZ.

  4. It's a pity it was the Eagle service was so short lived... but that really put paid to the Coastair service as well

  5. It certainly did. Was certainly a bit on the nose for Eagle to implement the link when it did. Coastair didnt stand a chance when the bigger boy came to town. I believe Eagle was mainly there for the Solid Energy guys. Was certainly a good link for us locals! :)