14 August 2019

A Sad Adieu to MRC Aviation

It is with great sadness that 3rd Level New Zealand farewells the MRC Aviation blog, the first of the three sister blogs that record current aviation news and preserve it for posterity.

Mike was instrumental in the formation of both the NZ Civil Aviation blog and this blog. He is a friend to many in aviation circles in New Zealand and has done so much to preserve the aviation history of the last thirty years. He will be sorely missed.

I would like to acknowledge Mike's help for so much help in this blog and our friendship that goes back to Hokitika days. So it is with sadness a bid adieu to MRC Aviation and to Mike later in the year.

All the best to you Mike and the all the whānau in your new adventure 


  1. That was a nice tribute!
    Sad to see it go too.

  2. That was a lovely tribute and a sad peice of news to hear. It was only recently that I started following his site.
    Another bit of sad news is.... According to a post on airliners net nz section... the 'end' end of a truly NZs most successful (local) airline Mount Cook and Air Nelson looks imminent with air nz to streamline it's fleet and become just one airline...
    I know both have long ago lost their own visual identity but have still been going strong in name

    1. Yeap was announced to staff last week. All done by years end.

  3. It was excited seein the first link ATR land at rotorua such a novelty as it was all lily or shooting stars tails in Rotorua with a mix of kouru from ait nzds three daily 737-200... Then it was sad when the last mount cook Lily hs748 left Rotorua and a end of an era. The Lily did live on, albeit, near the tail during the old teal and blue livery. Then it was all but in name although the Lily did come back on the black atr600.. Now... along with Air Nelson... Mount Cook is going to be consigned to history