13 August 2019

Nomads for Sale

Currently being offered for sale by Oceania Aviation are Air Safaris two GAF N24-A Nomads NZ-NMD and ZK-NME. The advert states "these twin-engine Utility/Commuter aircraft with its impressive short takeoff and landing capabilities are on the market and ready for their new home. With a window for each passenger and a large side door for easy freight loading, this aircraft is ideal for a small tourism operation or parachute operation with the large side door. With the low capital cost, there is a good return on investment. Both aircraft come with a huge spare parts inventory. Buy one or buy both - you won't want to miss out."

Air Safaris has operated Nomads since 1981 when the company introduced two GAF N22 Nomads, ZK-NOL and NOM. These were later replaced by larger GAF N24 Nomads with ZK-NMD/1 being registered to the company in late October 1985. Over the years the company has operated six of the N24 model Nomads, ZK-NMC, NMD/1 NMD/2, NME, NMG and NMH. These were primarily used for tourist work but they were also used for an air service between Timaru and Christchurch on behalf of Air New Zealand.

ZK-NMD and ZK-NME are the last flying Nomads in New Zealand. I'm a little annoyed I never got to fly in one!

GAF N24 Nomad, ZK-NME at Timaru on 21 November 1991.

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