08 April 2020

Repatriation from Christchurch...

Thanks to Richard for these two photos of the German repatriation flights from Christchurch. Richard writes...

Long time lurker on your blog, I know a little different from your normal, Just thought you might be interested in the German repatriation flights from Christchurch with airlines certainly not seen in this part of the world. 

Condor 763 (D-ABUT)
Lufthansa 744 (D-ABVP)

Apologies for the quality of the photo, can not quite justify any further gear on my local exercise during lockdown!

Richard was asking what passenger 767s and 747s have been through Christchurch since the retirement of the AIR NZ types... There are others more equipped to answer this than me... Certainly Uzbek 767s are through each year. Are there any others people can think of? 

One wonders what spotting opportunities there will be after all this...

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  1. QF 767 freighter most days SYD AKL CHC SYD