16 May 2020

Franz Josef Tourist Flyers - 35 years ago

On the 29th of December 1984 the Waiho River burst its bank destroying the Franz Josef airfield. Mount Cook Line's skiplane operations move to Milton strip, which is now the current airfield. Mount Cook's helicopter operation moved to the then THC hotel while Glacier Helicopters established a heliport on the south side of the Waiho River next to SH 6.... 

Mount Cook Line Cessna 185 ZK-CBY at Franz Josef on 11 May 1985

Against the light... Glacier Helicopters' Fairchild Hiller 1100 ZK-HKN at Franz Josef on 11 May 1985

Mount Cook Line's Bell Jetranger ZK-HPP  at Franz Josef on 11 May 1985

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