18 May 2020

Way to go Originair...

Originair returns to the skies again next week. The following email was sent out today...

Originair back in the skies from 29 May 2020. We are excited to share that we are resuming our flight schedule on the Nelson–Palmerston North and Nelson–Wellington routes from 29 May 2020. An updated schedule is available on our website and all flights are now available for purchase. The schedule is almost identical to what was on offer prior to lockdown – we are offering four flights per day, on four days each week. We have ‘winterised’ the schedule slightly so that the last flights on each day arrive a little earlier as we know people like to get home earlier during the colder months. We are very grateful to all of you for your support and understanding throughout the lockdown and also to those who used Originair for charter flights to transport essential services personnel and goods. We understand that these are incredibly difficult times for many New Zealanders and that many people are currently facing hardship due to unemployment and food insecurity. We believe that every business needs to do its bit in whatever way it can, so we will be donating passenger fare revenues generated from the first week of our resumed flights commencing 29 May, to the Salvation Army, which will use the money to support its food banks in Nelson Tasman, Palmerston North and Wellington. Major Ken Smith, Pastor and Corps Officer for the Salvation Army in Nelson says that the Originair donation will provide much-needed support at this time. “We’re grateful for the many people and organisations like Originair who help us to help others in a time of need,” says Major Smith. “Salvation Army food banks have been running hot with high demand for the last few weeks so support such as this is greatly appreciated and will help immensely.” The Originair team is looking forward to providing scheduled services again and to welcoming you onboard our aircraft from 29 May.

To book go to : https://originair.co.nz/

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