19 October 2020

Hamilton for Lunch


Originair commenced services to Hamilton this morning with BAe Jetstream 32 ZK-JSK under the command of Captain Murray Vincent and First Officer Josh Hutchison flying the first of its weekday services, OGN 419 from Palmerston North to Hamilton and the return service OGN 426. The service is being at the middle of the day with the flight into Hamilton arriving at 11.50am and the southbound flight departing at 1.00pm. The new service allows passengers to fly between Nelson and Hamilton with a stop in Palmerston North. The airline has indicated it may look at a more business friendly timetable in the new year. 

It was a gray and gloomy day outside but all sunny yellow inside as Hamilton airport prepared to welcome its first Originair flight 

Originair's BAe Jetstream 32 on touchdown of Hamilton's Runway 36

Welcome to Hamilton

Palmerston North airport departures...  

Hamilton airport arrivals...

In addition to the new service Originair is now operating more services between Nelson and Palmerston North and Nelso and Wellington. The new schedule requires the use of two Jetstreams and ZK-JSH was operating the Wellington services this morning.  

And finally, a note to Originair... You need to overnight a Jetstream in Hamilton then do a HLZ-PMR-NSN return in the morning and then repeated in the late afternoon/evening. Good for business folk in all three cities and having Hamilton as the starting point would mean the fog would have cleared by the time you get back to back to the Tron in the morning!


  1. Were the numbers any good for flights on that sector during that time? I wonder if they were only as high as they were due to it being an inaugural

  2. 12 or 13 in... At least 4 FOC on board. The timetable is a loser for a good route

  3. Great pictures Steve of the inaugural service.
    Yes you are right they need to have it overnighting in Hamilton and run it like the old Air Nelson schedule. Although that will add more costs to the business like accommodation expenses it will be far more popular. They also should use their 3rd aircraft to bring back NPE and NPL. They could even give TRG a go as its a sizeable market bigger than the other two cities.