10 November 2020

Air History

Over the last couple of weeks I have updated my post on Geyserland Airways as more information came to hand... http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2010/04/geyserland-airways.html  This led me to seek permission to use a photo from AirHistory.net and to discover something more about the project which David Carter explains below. It sounds a worthwhile and ambitious project but a good way to preserve history...  

AirHistory.net is a searchable  aircraft photo database and research resource.  Opened in 2018, it has the ambitious aim of covering every manned aircraft ever built in every marking it ever carried.  The database covers everything from balloons and ultraights to airliners and military aircraft and all eras.

Our New Zealand content is not what it should be. We have no active contributors and nearly all the photos in the database were taken by visitors. New Zealand is a vibrant aviation nation with a lot to contribute to the database across all types of aircraft. 

AirHistory.net is for aviation enthusiasts and doesn't impose impossibly high photographic standards. It is also mindful that photos taken on film, especially black and white from the distant past, can never match digital images. It is all about the content and expanding the database for enthusiasts  to enjoy and historians to use.

Please visit AirHistory.net and browse the site.  If you would like to join and upload photos old and new, membership is under the About menu.

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