13 November 2020

The Colours of CIC

Air Chathams' first Fairchild Metroliner III, ZK-CIC has been repainted back into Air Chathams' full colour scheme as shown immediately below. What follows is a look at CIC through the years...  

Fairchild Metroliner III ZK-CIC at Whakatāne on 11 November 2020

Exactly 24 year years before, on 11 November 1996, ZK-CIC departs Christchurch for the Chathams  

At New Plymouth on 8 October 1999 being operated by Air National on an Origin Pacific service

In full Origin Pacific colours at Christchurch as a freighter on 16 October 2000

In Tonga with Chathams Pacific at Fua'amotu airport on 6 January 2011

At Auckland with Air Chathams as a freighter, on 26 September 2014

Air Chatham's Whakatane colour scheme, at Whakatāne on 21 April 2017

In the transition back to the green scheme, at Whakatāne on 11 August 2020


  1. I really liked that Whakatane colour scheme!

  2. It's strange, I like unique but I also like a common mainline livery. It was boring and nothing inspiring seeing the white fleet, having the Whakatane livery brought that deep and personal connection that Air Chatham's was going for, but....
    Staring down the barrel of a fleet made up of aircraft basically being billboards when Whanganui and then Kapiti wanted an aircraft painted in their own livery for a town/region... It starts to look very cheap in away... Great Barrier did have something with the birds... But just stuck on photos....
    I am happy that Air Chatham's has made the decision and repaint their aircraft in one livery scheme.. Just looks professional and smart....
    Let's hope that the Saab and the ATR follow suit or something modern... The cheatline is definitely a throwback from the 80s/90's but something about the green does look good, but the Saab and ATR could do with something smart and modern...
    I feel having a common livery and a identify is important... Great Barrier Air with a fleet made up of former airlines in various liveries was a great example... Same with Sun air..

  3. Replies
    1. No not the reason, was talking to their 3IC, He states it's because it was only a 5 year wrap, and it was time to come off.

  4. Made sense to paint CIC back into the Air Chathams livery after the very unfortunate circumstances last year with White island. Nice set of photos I still love that Origin Pacific livery

  5. Does anybody else see echo's of the Air NZ Link colour scheme from the mid 1990s in the top photo?