26 January 2021

Great Barrier - North Shore on GB210

The return flight from Great Barrier Island to North Shore on 20 January 2021... 

Again, not much of a day 

Leased Cessna Grand Caravan ZK-SLA at Great Barrier Island on 20 January 2021

All masked and ready to go

The main operators to Great Barrier Island

Lining up at Claris for Runway 28

Kaitoke Creek

Claris Airport and Kaitoke Beach

Whangaparapara Harbour

Looking into Port Fitzroy and Kaikoura Island

On the right... Omaha

Omaha Bay

And on the left Kawau Island and Bon Accord Harbour

School House Bay

South Cove

Mullet Point

And then we hit the rain ending photos

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