20 January 2021

New Zealand's Newest Airliner

From tourist flier, to airliner... entering service today with Barrier Air was Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZK-SLA - thanks for having an aptly registered aircraft. The Caravan, leased from Queenstown-based tourist operator True South is being based at North Shore and will operate Barrier Airs expanded 'scheduled service between North Shore and Great Barrier Island which began today. The airline and aircraft will operated ten services each week as well as being used on the Auckland-Great Barrier Island services as needs dictate.

At Great Barrier Island's Claris airport today the new Caravan was causing a lot of comment which was accompanied by a lot of positive comment about the airline. Meanwhile Barrier Air is having a ripper summer with lots of additional flights. This Friday the airline will operate 19 Auckland-Great Barrier Island services as well the two North Shore services, a record for the company.

ZK-SLA's introduction to the Barrier Air fleet was under the command of Josh Grace who operated the first flights, GB 203 from North Shore to Great Barrier Island and the return flight GB 204.

Cessna 208B with Barrier Air titles at Claris airport on Great Barrier Island on 20 January 2021


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