18 March 2021

Expanding Routes and New Aircraft


I see on their Facebook page Fly My Sky is looking for 2-3 pilots to join our growing team as we expand routes and add new aircraft.

Interesting development...

Fly My Sky's BN Islander ZK-PIZ about depart on a service to Great Barrier Island on 13 March 2021

So another to stretch the memory banks, what airlines have operated BN Islanders on regular services in New Zealand


  1. Think Mount Cook and NAC leased one of MC and Stewart Island Flights had one

  2. I've seen this same ad a few times over the last year. Certainly no other routes or aircraft have been added in that time...

  3. The other current operator of the Islander is Stewart Island Flights.

    Past operators I can think of being Barrier Air, known as Great Barrier Airlines back then (with Trislanders too), Sounds Air, Mount Cook Airlines, Aspiring Air.

    There was also charter/sight seeing operaters Island Air Charters and Milford Sound Flightseeing.

    Probably others i missed.

  4. Hopefully they will start Matamata flights soon.

    1. Matamata won't work without international tourists on a short turn around Jarden

    2. Hopefully the Tasman bubble will start soon to help it to come back.

  5. Their current competitors had a decent fleet including the tri-islander
    Didn't Ansett through one of those many small contracting companies up north operate them unless that was confused with Mount cook..
    As mentioned above Mount cook NAC and Stewart island.
    Also didnt sounds air operate one or two?
    Then there are the operators out of Queenstown/Milford sounds...

  6. Just summarising the Islander operators named so far...

    NAC (a chocolate fish for Rory - good bit of knowledge for someone your age)
    Mount Cook
    Stewart Island Flights
    Barrier Air
    Great Barrier Airlines
    Fly My Sky
    Sounds Air (another chocolate fish for Jordan - thought they might be forgotten)
    Aspiring Air
    Island Air

    I make it 12 to more operators used Islanders on a regular service... I haven't counted the Milford Sound operators as I see them more as tourist services/flightseeing

  7. Don't they own ZK DSY? That old Embraer 820C Chieftain lurking around Ardmore? Definately not new but new for them perhaps???

    1. Yeah according to the caa reg its already under their name

  8. Cooksons imported and used EVO for many years on the regular WO-GS-NR paper run as well as medical flights?

    1. Correct... and also WO-AA. EVO then went to Aspiring Air and then to Fly My Sky

  9. Air Coromandel FWH
    Aspiring Air EVO EVT
    Cookson Airspread EVO
    Great Barrier Airlines CRA FVD REA LYP WNZ (did they ever carry Barrier Air titles?)
    Great Barrier Express PIY PIZ
    Island Air WNZ
    Milford Sound Flightseeing ZQN TSS MCD MCE MFN
    Mount Cook Airlines DBV DBW MCC MCD MCE
    Mountain AIR PIY SFK
    Sea Bee Air FMS
    Soundsair REA
    Sounds Air DLA
    South Flight SFK
    Southern Air FWZ
    Stewart Island Air Services IAS
    Stewart Island Flights FXE FWZ
    Wings Over Whales SFK WNZ

    just a few ......

  10. Here are the 22 operators that have used Islanders on regular services... as before I have not included the tourist operators between Queenstown and Milford.

    Air Chathams - LYP
    Air Coromandel - FWH
    Aspiring Air – EVK, EVO, EVT
    Barrier Air - FVD
    Capital Air Services - DKN
    Cookson Air - EVO
    Fly My Sky – DLA, EVO, PIY, PIZ, SFK
    Great Barrier Airlines - CRA, FGR, FMS, FVD, FWH (became REA), FXY, JSB, LYP, REA, WNZ
    Island Air - WNZ
    Mount Cook Airlines – DBV, DBW, IAS (leased) MCB, MCC, MCD, MCE
    Mountain Air - PIY, PIZ, SFK
    NAC - MCD
    NZ Air Charter – IAS (leased)
    NZ Air Services - WNZ
    Sea Bee Air - FMS
    Skyferry – FGR, FMS, JSB, SFE (all leased)
    Sounds Air - DLA
    Soundsair – REA, SFE
    Southern Air – FFL, FGR, FLU, FWZ, FXE
    SouthFlight Aviation - SFK
    Stewart Island Air Services – IAS, DBV, MCE (latter 2 leased)
    Stewart Island Flights – FWZ, FXE

    Great Barrier Xpress was Mountain Air