09 August 2021

Originair returns to Napier


We are delighted to announce the commencement of services to Napier from Nelson, Hamilton and Palmerston North, from Friday 17 September. Originair’s CEO, Robert Inglis, said the airline’s schedule will offer Nelson and Hawkes Bay travellers, a direct service on Friday and Sunday afternoons, allowing a weekend away with a scheduled flight time of approximately 1 hour. In addition to the direct weekend service, two indirect weekday services will be offered via a brief stop in Palmerston North. Direct services will also be launched between Hawke’s Bay and Hamilton three days per week, offering significant time savings for business and leisure travellers. The airline’s Spring schedule change will add a further peak time flight each Monday morning between Hamilton and Palmerston North. Palmerston North travellers will benefit from the addition of a 7.30am departure direct to Hamilton every Monday. Our popular service between Nelson and Palmerston North will gain an extra flight on Sunday afternoon. Palmerston North based travellers will also be able to fly to Napier on a short direct service on some weekday mornings, returning in the late afternoon. Mr Inglis said that this schedule expansion had been made possible through the recent addition of a further Jetstream 32 aircraft to Originair’s fleet, together with support from Hawke’s Bay, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Nelson Airport companies. The launch of new services will take place shortly before the official opening event of the new Hawke’s Bay Airport terminal in October.

Source : Originair  

The schedule, according to the reservations system will be...

Palmerston North - Napier

Dep     0950    Arr    1030    MW

Napier - Palmerston North

Dep    1550    Arr    1630    MW

Napier - Hamilton

Dep    1100    Arr    1200    MW

Dep    1350    Arr    1440    F

Hamilton - Napier

Dep    1430    Arr    1530    MW

Dep    1320    Arr    1410    F

Palmerston North - Hamilton

Dep    0730    Arr    0825    M

Dep    0910    Arr    1010    F

Dep    0950    Arr    1200    MW            via NPE

Dep    1530    Arr    1630    F

Dep    1710    Arr    1810    MTuWTh

Hamilton -  Palmerston North

Dep    0820    Arr    0920    MTuWTh

Dep    0855    Arr    0955    M

Dep    0900    Arr    1000    F

Dep    1430    Arr    1630    MW            via NPE

Dep    1530    Arr    1630    F

Nelson - Palmerston North

Dep    0830    Arr    0920    MW

Dep    1010    Arr    1100    F

Dep    1530    Arr    1620    F

Dep    1540    Arr    1630    Su

Dep    1550    Arr    1640    MTuWTh

Dep    1840    Arr    1930    Su

Palmerston North - Nelson

Dep    0940    Arr    1030    MTuWTh

Dep    1030    Arr    1120    F

Dep    1200    Arr    1250    M

Dep    1700    Arr    1750    MWF

Dep    1720    Arr    1810    Su

Nelson - Napier    

Dep    1210    Arr    1320    Fr

Dep    1420    Arr    1530    Su

Napier - Nelson

Dep    1440    Arr    1550    Fr

Dep    1600    Arr    1710    Su

Nelson - Hamilton

Dep    1800    Arr    1920    Su

Hamilton - Nelson

Dep    1820    Arr    1930    Fr

Nelson - Wellington

Dep    1320    Arr    1400    Su

Dep    1640    Arr    1720    Fr

Wellington - Nelson

Dep    1430    Arr    1510    Su

Dep    1750    Arr    1830    Fr


  1. Great to see them expanding hopefully they will do well for them. Just the frequencies are rather light.

  2. I never want to knock a Airline expanding and trying new routes, but wonder how thought out this is. PMR-NPE will never ever be a winner in itself, and they will be relying on through traffic from NSN. HLZ-NPE wont be hot either, especially at OG prices. NSN-NPE direct could be a goer depending on schedule.

    Big call to bring on another J32, A high value asset to operate on what is very lean routes, as has been proved before. Let's hope OG didnt damage their reputation too much with the Hawkes Bay community when they pulled out last time.....

    1. Agree completely on all points.

      Different scale I know, but Sunair operated NPE-HLZ over the years and never got any great regular numbers. OG might be operating bigger planes and with slightly cheaper fares, but it's a huge ask! Proof will be in the pudding I guess. But I cannot personally see it lasting more then a year

  3. Thank goodness for HLZ/NPE

  4. I see that they are not returning to NPL it might have had poor numbers.

    1. I used to fly NPL-NSN every second Sunday before they added NPE to the network and changed all the schedules, rendering them useless for me.

      But every week there was always roughly 9-11 pax on board. That's not horrible numbers really. I mean it's not a full plane, but it could be worse. Certainly better then what they ever got out of NPE back then.

    2. Not yet at least, but I recall a part of why they left was that Jetstar pulling out of the regions got rid of Originair's ground handling. So that might be a factor in why they haven't returned to New Plymouth

    3. Don't write off NPL Jarden... Robert Inglis was reported on the blog last month saying... Yes the inter-regional market still exists however, not on short sectors without water barriers where the car is the real competitor. Originair ceased its Napier and New Plymouth services when Jetstar withdrew its operations from these ports. Originair and Jetstar used Swissport as our handling agent at these ports and they ceased providing services with Jetstars withdrawal of operations. We haven’t forgotten these ports for the future.

    4. Interesting, I wonder who will do their ground handling in Napier in September might be a new out fit. They could also look at serving NSN - TRG as might have some market.

    5. Guessing it might be JNP aviation, that who they are using in HLZ

    6. JNP are not located at NPE. And JNP will not be setting up a staff base there for just a few flights a week.

    7. They might have to get Air NZ to do it for them in NPE especially if it's only for a couple of flights per week

    8. Can't see it. Why support a competitor? OG are in direct competition with ANZ on NSN-WLG route and whilst they probably hurt SA more than ANZ any traffic loss is noted. The new NSN-NPE and NSN-PMR-NPE routes are essentially competition for ANZ's NSN-WLG-NPE routes and I suspect losing a few J32 loads a week off the WLG-NPE sector from through traffic originating from NSN will hurt a lot more than the loses on the busy WLG-NSN sector.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. JNP are not in NPE. Air NZ handle their own Ground Handling

    11. Does it really matter? They could do it themselves if they wanted do…
      It’s only labour…

    12. JNP provides support services to NPE PMR etc if you look on there website. Air New Zealand won't be doing the contract for OG

  5. It brings in extra revenue for them. Air NZ use to do a lot of the ground handling for it's competition before as it earns more money for the business.
    They did Work for Virgin, Qantas, Fiji Airways and China airlines to name a few.

    1. Things are very very very different nowadays, more so now in this Covid world

    2. International is very different from domestic. All those you list are international with whom they had passenger sharing and other arrangements.