17 November 2021

Cleared for Take Off


The Government’s announcement today that the Auckland border will open on the 15th of December is good news for people flying in and out of Auckland and in particular for regional airlines Barrier Air and Air Chathams.

Barrier Air has even more reason to be pleased with the announcement with their plans to commence flights between Auckland and Whitianga on the 16th of December. Barrier Air’s CEO Grant Bacon assured me today that the flights would commence which is good news for me as I’m booked on the first flights!

A Whitianga to Auckland service was a big punt for the Auckland based regional airline but Grant told me, “Sales are going great, which is fantastic. We have done a lot of marketing on the Whitianga side on radio, Facebook and the local newspaper and it is paying off with many flights now full.

The Mercury Bay Informer, 20 July 2021

The airline will operate the service twice daily Monday to Friday with one flight on Saturdays and Sundays. The airline has also worked with CAA for the recommissioning of the RNAV approach at Whitianga enabling an all-weather operation.

Despite all the challenges of Covid is raising Barrier Air is gearing up for a great summer.

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