17 November 2021

Ian Coates RIP


I received sad news from Greymouth last night that Ian Coates had passed away. Ian was for many years an engine driver for NZ Railways and a great rail historian. However, it was an aircraft enthusiast that I knew him most. He was the one who was responsible for me taking aeroplane pictures... I saw his collection in Greymouth and that inspired me. He also taught me, make sure you can read the registration and that you record the place and date! Ian was a long time member of the Aviation Historical Society and was a great aviation historian as well. He was also a long time non-flying member of the Greymouth Aero Club. He was personality plus and one of life's truly good blokes! There was always a warm welcome at O'Grady St. 

Ian is survived by Jean, his wife of 62 years, and their two sons Ian and Stephen and their families.

And looking through my photos, no photos of Ian... we were to busy photographing aeroplanes

Rest in Peace good friend.


  1. RIP Mate, he also inspired me in aviation photography, many cups of tea at O Grady St looking over photos when passing through Greymouth.

  2. Ian was aa member of the Aviation Historical Society of NZ for 50 years, and will be sorely missed by many who knew him RIP Ian