16 February 2022

Originair's Flight Schedule changes due to Omicron


Originair has just commenced its busy high season flight schedule following its summer holiday schedule. Unfortunately following the Omicron warnings travel demand has reduced and accordingly we have reflected this with schedule alterations while these reduced travel conditions continue. Reinstatement of our normal services will occur as soon as travel demand returns. The airlines CEO Robert Inglis says this interim flight schedule will continue to offer our customers daily services on our Nelson to Palmerston North and Hamilton to Palmerston North routes with extra flights on peak travel days. In the interim our Nelson-Wellington and Nelson-Hawke's Bay flights will be combined with Napier services from Nelson operating via Wellington. This service change of course allows the airline to also offer travellers from Wellington and Hawke's Bay a weekend in each area with well-timed flights on Fridays and Sundays to allow a full weekend away.

Source : Originair


  1. The idea is there, but it's not practical and certainly will not be profitable. Essentially they are now competing with Air NZ on 2 direct routes, and 1 non direct (WLG-NSN, WLG-NPE, NSN-NPE). A quick look online for a random dare next month and Air NZ wins out on price by a considerable margin. There's also the benefit of having far more time options and not limited to having to return on a certain day ect. I'd say it's more about keeping a presence in NPE while this Omicron thing plays out, but its certainly not going to be a profit maker!

  2. Gotta be hard for them. Wish them all the best

  3. I know a few people that have wanted to use the Napier service but it’s never running