01 February 2022

ZK-NMD - No Longer on Active Duty

Thanks to Aaron Murphy for these photos of Air Safaris' GAF N24 Nomad ZK-NMD taken at Tekapo on 14 January 2022. 

Aaron writes, Sadly the old girl has probably made her last flight but the engines are still run periodically, including the day I called in, which was good timing to see it outside after a wash in the sun


  1. When I was there, this time last year, they were saying they had no plans on using the nomads on their flights.

    But that was when they only got the odd run to Franz Josef with an Air Van, so maybe business has peaked a bit since then?

  2. Remember flying NMD on many flights between TIU and CHC back in the 90s. Very loud, but a very comfortable and capable machine. I enjoyed the Nomad flights.

    Last flight on NMD was maybe 5 years back and managed to get on a locals flight, WHO-GTN-TWZ-NZTL-GTN-WHO. Stellar winters bluebird day and it was a real treat.

  3. Vivid memories of being at a airport open day in Rotorua during the good old HS748/Dash-100/737-200/BAE-146 days.
    My very first plane ride was in something very similar being that red-tailed one that is currently/was???(haven't been to the airport in a wee while now...) in Taupo
    I got to sit in the right-hand seat, did two skydive runs... Even got to raise the landing gear (It was the retracting and lowering of the landing gear that solely got me hooked on planes) and my father got a tandem skydive that day

  4. Taupo Tandem Skydive ZK-SNZ. Was a Nomad 22C s/n 104. The N22s are shorter than the Air Safaris N24. Prior TTS it was used by a whole heap of users. Aircraft is no longer on the NZCAA register and the registration SNZ is listed as available so if its still at Taupo its probably a hulk.

  5. Great clear photos Aaron, it looks like the Tekapo Airport is quite a busy place despite no international tourism.