15 April 2022

No More Seaplanes


Auckland Seaplanes' DHC Beaver ZK-AMA is currently listed for sale at Denis Thompson  International. The new DHC Beaver, ZK-AMD, that Auckland Seaplanes bought in from the States has been sold back to the States and has left Mercer. The remains of DHC Beaver ZK-BBX are in the large hangar at Mercer while DHC Beaver ZK-WKA is in a container at Mercer.

Auckland Seaplanes Ltd also operate Waiheke Wings which uses Cessna 172 ZK-RNX.

Auckland Seaplanes Ltd bought two of Fly My Sky's Britten Norman Islanders, ZK-SFK and ZK-PIZ, but nothing seems to be happening with either of these aircraft at present. 


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