26 April 2022

Sunair Bids Farewell to Gisborne


Sunair have released their winter timetable which reveals the airline is relinquishing its services to Gisborne. Sunair commenced a twice daily service between Gisborne and both Hamilton and Tauranga on the 15th of September 1997. At various times on Sunair's East Coast route stops were made at Whakatane and Rotorua as passenger demand dictated. Sunair has also operated passenger services south from Gisborne to both Napier and Palmerston North. Dedicated freight flights also flew south calling at Wairoa and extending south to Paraparaumu and Wellington at various times.

Sunair now seem to be focussing on services to and from Great Barrier Island.


  1. I've never been able to understand SunAir's timetable - can someone please help me understand how it works?

    1. Looks to be a normal timetable to me, destinations, times, frequencies and prices...

      Sunair have a Summer one and a winter one.

    2. I used to work for them and I barely understand it...
      Flight numbers mean next to nothing.
      The reason they all leave each airport at the same time is because it's usually just one aircraft and may hop around all the destinations on the same flight. So take the arrival time with a grain of salt if your destination is the furthest!