14 July 2022

It's not the weather... it's the runway

While airlines across the motu are experiencing challenges with Covid and weather, Barrier Air is experiencing another challenge on its Whitianga service...  

The reservations system paints a picture... 

With all the sodden weather on the Coromandel the Whitanga grass runway is closed to Barrier Air's Cessna Caravan ops. As CEO Grant Bacon says, "The whole of the Coromandel gets so waterlogged. It's painful as it (the Whitianga) service is going really well" 

Hence the "No flights" on the reservations system... And for those who have booked and find the flight cancelled Barrier Air buses the passengers.

The Coromandel town has certainly embraced its new air service which is set to expand in December. One wonders whether a sealed runway may one day be on the horizon. It would have made a great shovel ready project.


  1. I mean even Ryan's Creek and Koromiko has a sealed runway. Many who had a bit of foresight in WTZ, have been pushing for a sealed Runway for many years now. Just the age old problem of who pays for such an undertaking....

  2. I recall rumours years ago that WT was on the radar for Eagle with 1900 which would have needed a sealed runway for viable ops.

  3. Wow. 20 years with Eagle Ops and never once heard anything about Whitianga being on the radar. Those rumours were definitely not coming from within Eagle that's for sure.

  4. Is the situation improved yet. Or is still unsuitable for landing?