07 July 2022

Peter Mole RIP

Today was held the funeral of Peter Mole, aka the Hairy Mole Rat, Tauranga plane spotter extraordinaire... Of course Pete's plane spotting exploits took him further but it was at Tauranga that I met Pete and got to know him. Many years ago my father described someone "the spirit of the river"... he was always there. Pete, for me, was the spirit of TRG, and a plane spotting visit there wasn't the same if he wasn't there. 

I always loved our chats, but as Grayson mentioned at the funeral service, https://vimeo.com/725438886/e48c68607f, I couldn't get over the fact that Pete was in shorts and sandals no matter how freezing the wind was! 

Pete you were such a friend to us aviation geeks at TRG airport. Your time has been cut short far too soon but you live in our memories and hearts... And even though you were English I always saw you as a true Kiwi bloke... so fly high Pete and Rest in Peace




  1. Rest in Peace Pete. You will be remembered fondly. A true Gent

  2. My condolences, I have only met Pete once when the last b1900d came in to Tauranga.

  3. Was saddened to hear of Pete's death. A top man and certainly a recognizable face around TRG. Rest in Peace Pete. His photos will be treasured and his spirit remembered for years to come. - JPM