26 August 2022

Interesting new flights for Kaitaia


Barrier Air has announced additional Thursday flights to Kaitaia enabling business travellers from the main centres to have a whole day of business in Kaitaia and return on the same day. At present Barrier Air has two flights each week day between Auckland and Kaitaia, leaving Auckland at 11.00am and 6.15pm and leaving Kaitaia at 6.50am and 12.40pm

From the 20th of October there will be four flights on Thursdays between Auckland and Kaitaia instead of the two currently offered. 

The extended schedule will see a new morning flight leave Auckland at 8.00am to arrive in Kaitaia at 9.05am. The return flight will leave at 9.40am to arrive in Auckland at 10.45am. In the afternoon a new flight will leave Auckland at 2.30pm to arrive at 3.35pm. The return flight will leave Kaitaia at 4.00pm to arrive at 5.05pm. The timings enable to and connections from Christchurch or Wellington.

Barrier Air's CEO Grant Bacon said, We had a request from Wellington based business travellers to put a northbound morning flight on as a once off and then a south bound in the afternoon in order for them to do a day trip. We opened up the rest of the seats and they sold like hotcakes to other members of the public so we tested the market and it proves that there is demand. We will probably add another flight early in the week once we get the Thursdays rotations up and running. Kaitaia is really working well for us and the hard graft developing the route is paying off.

Barrier Air's Cessna 208 Grand Caravan ZK-SDB at Kaitaia on 5 April 2022

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