01 August 2022

Whitianga reopened

Whitianga aerodrome reopened this morning after being closed for some weeks. Barrier Air's Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZK-SDE operated Barrier Air flight 441 from Auckland and the return flight 442. 

Barrier Air returning to Whitianga this morning as on Flightaware...

Sunair also operated a service into from Tauranga this morning using Cessna 172 ZK-DPN.

Sunair returning to Whitianga this morning as on Flightradar24...

With all the wet weather on the Coromandel Peninsula some drainage work has been done to alleviate the impact on the grass runways. However, with the growth of the Whitianga area and the success, in particular of the Barrier Air service, you think the local council would be thinking of putting in a sealed runway.



  1. Hi Steve, I remember the days when the Mercury Bay Aero Club almost lost control of their own airfield, it was a wake up call for aero clubs who owned their own land, I should imagine MBAC would be really cautious about any deals that involved third parties

  2. Totally agree with you Steve...
    Not in their wildest dreams three odd years ago that Whitianga would be seeing a scheduled service in the form of an airliner such as Barrier... Three times a day and a 12 seater...
    You wonder now with the success so far, that they look at these little events and wonder...We have re-activated the GPS approach.. maybe the next step, we should invest in a sealed runway... Next it will be lighting to offer evening flights in the winter for those who own property in the coros and want/need to commute and want to get as much out of a working day as possible... Barrier would be sorted