15 September 2022

Originair Flight OG812 to Napier NPE


Thanks to JustPlaneMad for these pics from a recent flight on Originair... 

Just thought I would send through some pics and a few words, from a recent Originair trip from Palmerston North to Napier in case you are looking for any content for 3rdlevelnz...

Yes, I am always looking for content Liam... It is really hard to keep the blog current so I very much appreciate any content.

Whilst up that end of the country, I actually needed to pick something up from Napier. Being a Monday, I knew that Originair had restarted the NPE link two days a week (Mon & Fri). At $49.00 each way, I didn't hesitate to jump on board and try out the service. Beats the drive that's for sure! 

Arrived at Palmy Airport only to find that the aircraft for today's flight was still in Nelson due to engineering requirements (ZK-JSH) and the flight was likely to be cancelled. I decided to stick around and see what would happen, and the PMR Origin crew were excellent at keeping me in the loop. Turned out ZK-JSH wouldn't be coming over from NSN, but Originair cleverly squeezed in a quick PMR-NPE return on British Aerospace Jetstream 32 ZK-JSK on its arrival from HLZ, and before its next flight to NSN. 

Got waved over for boarding and walked out to what was my very own plane for this mornings Originair flight OG812 to Napier. Met at the bottom of the steps by First Officer Brian, with Captain Sarah already on the Controls. Brian shut the main door and gave me thorough safety briefing. Before we started engines, and started out taxi out.

Taxiing out PMR

Turning Around PMR Runway 07

Blast Off from Palmerston North

Urban Sprawl of Palmerston North

Manawatu River and Tararua Ranges

One thing I love about the Jetstreams are the large Windows. I did a lot of flying on Vincent's and Air Nationals Jetstreams over the years. Not quite as superior as a 1900D, but I may be biased. 

Dannevirke from 11,000ft

Interior of ZK-JSK which was the aircraft Originair imported from Iceland where it served with Eagle Air as TF-ORG. Have always found the Interior of the Origins Jetstreams to be very smart and rather comfortable for a small 19 seat commuter. Weight and Balance on this empty flight meant I was at the back in Row 6.

Murky Weather over Ashley Clinton

Waipawa just before commencing our descent. 


Napier and Bluff Hill

On Finals for NPE Runway 34, a good visual reminder that the airport site was once underwater before the 1931 Earthquake. 

Touchdown at NPE

Air New Zealand ATR 72-600s ZK-MVA and ZK-MVM were both on turnaround at NPE

Shutdown at NPE after our quick 23min flight from PMR. After the initial delays, we arrived only 48mins late.

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