17 September 2022

Wise Owl and A Black Hawk

Thanks to Terry Hodges for these recent pics from Nelson. He writes...

We had Kahu Helicopters Black Hawk here helping with flood relief in nelson moving cars and some trees - pic here was one morning about to get ready to depart for the days work

Sikorsky EH-60 Black Hawk ZK-HKU at Nelson

And lastly some pics I took this morning (15 September 2022) of 5 of 14 Squadrons T-6C Texans getting ready to depart for the last days flying for operation 'Wise Owl' here in Nelson and later in the day Herc 03 departed with all their gear!

Meanwhile I remember Wise Owl at Hokitika with Harvards and CT4 Airtrainers... and the same Hercules!

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