29 October 2023

Flying the Edges of Ex-Cyclone Lola

My flight from Kaitaia back to Auckland this afternoon was in the windy edges of ex-Cyclone Lola... Doing the honours was George in Barrier Air's Cessna Grand Caravan ZK-SDG. It was a very gusty wind at Kaitaia but SDG did a perfect crosswind landing... You can get an impression how it was from the people getting off and everyone seemed happy and not fazed by the conditions... 

Kaitaia Traffic, Barrier 714 rolling 12

The abandoned cross runway which would have been useful today

A big bounce played havoc with my horizon - Kaitaia and Ahipara Bay in the distance. Apart from a lumpy departure a smooth flight that put some pax to sleep

Kelly's Bay in the Kaipara Harbour

Woodhill Forest and Lake Kereta

The black sands of Te Oneone Rangatira Beach

Muriwai Beach


The rugged coastline north of the Manukau entrance


Coming up on the Manukau entrance

Piha again

Manukau entrance

Looking towards Auckland International

The coastline south of the Manukau entrance

Grahams Beach, Manukau Harbour

Emirates' Airbus 380 is the largest type serving Auckland - Barrier Air's Caravans are the smallest type

Thanks for waiting Jetstar and Air Chathams

Thanks again to the Barrier Air team and Kaitaia airport's legendary Darren

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  1. Always feels like such a long flight in the Caravan.