07 October 2023

Palmy last Saturday

I was in Palmerston North last week and was amazed at how many ATR flights it gets... up to 10 per day to Auckland and 5 to Christchurch... Similarly Napier gets up to 11 per day to Auckland, 5 to Wellington and 4 to Christchurch.

One wonders if there is a case building for some regional jets and if so what, Airbus 220, Embraer 195???

ATR 72-600 ZK_MZE on the departure from Palmerston North on 30 September 2023

Massey Aviation's Diamond DA40 Star ZK-MTJ at Palmerston North on 30 September 2023

My ride to Christchurch, ATR 72-600 ZK-MVH arriving on the gate at Palmerston North on 30 September 2023



  1. No regional jets please.
    One of the charms of flying from Palmy is not needing to worry about security screening (though the lack of destinations is becoming a problem - expecially since the transfer link to Welington was removed)

    1. Completely agree with you 100%.

      Also having the frequency that Turboprops can offer is awesome. I would much rather have 10 ATR flights on a route than say 6 RJs.

      Frequency might not matter much to the normal leisure traveller, but to those of us who travel often for work/business, time is money, and regular, frequent flights is key. I'm usually around 6-8 Regional flights a week at the moment, and I certainty appreciate Air NZ and the options/timings they provide to 'most' Regional Ports.

      Not having the Wellington connection is a right pain in the behind. I was a VERY regular user of the service, and they were more often than not pretty full. With the train only running once daily, the only option is to hire a car and drive. And one way rentals are expensive! I have taken to flying to WLG via a CHC or AKL connection. Might take longer than the drive, but it is cheaper at times!