08 June 2010

Chathams Pacific Beech Mishap

Following on from Sunday's post on Air Chathams' Beeches it seems Chathams Pacific has been operating another Beech Queen Air in Tonga which had a mishap recently... any idea of the rego???

Source : Chathams Pacific Press Release
At approximately 11:15am this morning, Wednesday 26 May, Chathams Pacific’s 8 Seat Queen Air Aircraft suffered a nose wheel collapse on landing at Fua’amotu Airport. The Aircraft was enroute to Ha'apai and was being prepared to land when the pilots got an indication that the nose wheel had not fully extended and locked into place. The Crew, elected to fly the Aircraft back to Fua'amotu where greater emergency facilities are available before attempting to land. Chathams Pacific engineering staff and the Aviation Tower confirmed to the crew, after the aircraft had completed flying over the airport to allow for a visual ground inspection, that there was a problem with the nose gear. On the occasions where this sort of problem has occurred in New Zealand, and elsewhere in the world, it has been established that the aircraft should be landed on the hard runway and not the grass runway to ensure a safer outcome. Chathams Pacific followed this procedure and injury to passengers and crew was avoided. Craig Emeny, the CEO, was on the Airport at the time and observed the landing. He has stated the incident is a very unfortunate occurrence, and a full and thorough investigation will be made. He has praised the crew for following procedure and doing an excellent job of landing the aircraft and passengers safely. He also directed the airline to do all possible to look after passengers after their harrowing experience.

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