03 June 2010

More Eagle Bandits

Following on from the previous post on Eagle Air's first Bandeirante Darryn Morgan has sent me the following Bandit photos...

Darryn writes, "I joined Eagle in 1988 and shot the photo of ERU. KIP and FHX just before they re-entered service. KIP arrived in NZ in the white scheme from Australia, and ERU/FHX were repainted during christmas 1987, new year 1988. Photo : D Morgan"

"When Air NZ purchased 50%, they bought LBC and JCM from Simmons Airways in the US. I shot the photo of JCM in Kaitaia sometime during 1989, prior to repaint. Photo : D Morgan"

Darryn has also corrected my understanding of ERU's white tail before her being withdrawn from use. He writes, "As for ERU having a white tail toward the end, it was the result of major work on the tailplane - may have been corrosion on the vertical spar, and given it was only planned to be in service for a short time, they never repainted it fully." I have corrected the original post.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome seeing pictures of Bandits. I used to work for Simmons Airlines here in the US. I was the station Manager at Jackson Michigan Airport for Simmons. Those Bandits were our main aircraft for Jackson routes. Great seeing the old birds again.

    Jeff in the US