07 March 2011

Golden Coast postscript

Thanks to Dave Paull who has sent a couple of interesting emails following the Golden Coast post yesterday... He writes

You mention a Mr T Gloacki. This will almost certainly be Toni Glowacki - a most interesting character. I met him at Invercargill (probably late 60's) when he arrived at Invercargill from the Chathams in Beech Baron CWH. I think he was the airfield inspector at this time. Type his name into wikipedia and inwardly digest his background.

For an interesting read See : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antoni_Glowacki

Alexander Helicopter's Beech Baron ZK-CWH at Invercargill in October 1968
I also remember the Cessna 205's CEZ and CFF of Aircraft Hire & Wellington Aero Club. They were the first fuel injected aircraft any of us had played with and initially we over primed them. This sometimes resulted in excess fuel draining out the exhaust and when the engine eventually started we would have a small fire underneath. We very very quickly learnt how to do things proper. Initially at start ups we would have somebody standing near with a fire extinguisher.

Oh bring back the good olde days !

Dave also sent a couple of pics of Apache BYB in both Golden Coast Airways and Golden Coast Airlines markings

Piper Pa23 Apache ZK-BYB in Golden Coast Airways markings at Wellington in October 1963. Photo : D Paull
Piper Pa23 Apache ZK-BYB in Golden Coast Airlines markings at Wellington on 19 May 1964. Photo : D Paull

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