11 March 2011

Vale Air National

The Dominion Post today reports that Air National has closed its operations:


As at 11 Mar 11 the Air National fleet was made up of:

Piper PA23-250 Aztec ZK-ECM
BAe Jetstream 32EP ZK-ECI, ECJ, ECP, ECR
BAe 146-200 ZK-ECO
Westwind II ZK-RML (last flew 25 August 2010)
Gulfstream G200 ZK-RGB (departed Auckland for Samoa and Hawaii 26 February 2011)
Citation 501 ZK-NBR (flew Auckland-Rotorua-Hamilton 28 February 2011)

Air National was established in 1989 and started charter operations the followin year.  It was originally branded as Menzies Aviation and underwent a name change to Air National in 1992.

The operator has flown a number of different aircraft types during its time:
J32EP ZK-ECI/2 from 07/06 to current
J32EP ZK-ECJ/2 from 07/06 to current
GAF N24 Nomad ZK-ECM/1 from 06/90 to 05/94
GAF N24 Nomad ZK-ECN/1 from 06/92 to 04/97
J32EP ZK-ECN/2 from 10/98 to 10/10
EMB110 Bandierante ZK-ECM/2 from 07/93 to 05/94
Piper PA23 Aztec ZK-ECM/3 from 07/05 to current
BAe 146-200 ZK-ECO/2 from 01/09 to current
Cessna 404 ZK-ECP/2 from 10/94 to 09/98
J32EP ZK-ECP/3 from 06/99 to current
PA31-325 ZK-ECQ/1 from 04/95 to 07/96
MU2B ZK-ECR/2 from 06/95 to 10/00
DH8-202 ZK-ECR/3 from 04/02 to 02/05
J32EP ZK-ECR/4 from 07/06 to current
Gulfstream 4SP ZK-KFB/1 from 07/03 to 04/10
Gulfstream G200 ZK-RGB from 11/07 to current
Citation 501 ZK-NBR from 06/10 to current


  1. And Westwind ZK-RML.

  2. And DHC-8-102 ZK-NEZ 08/01-07/05

  3. Bruce Gavin sent this email on Friday when I was in Sydney...

    A few posibles to add to the fleet list:
    ZK-RDT Embraer 820C 14/7/98 to 1/5/01
    ZK-NEZ DHC-8-102 16/8/01 to 28/7/2005
    ZK-ZAQ Cessna 421C 5/11/02 to ????

    And a couple of more tenuous ones:
    ZK-CIC wet leased for a time about 1998
    VH-FLO Gulfstream 1 arrived Auckland 12/12/93- rumoured for use by Menzies Aviation for freight flights from Auckland to Christchurch- never used eventually became a feature on the far side of the main runway.