16 February 2012

Timaru Flight Changes

Air New Zealand has changed the timing of a mid-morning weekday flight into Timaru in a national review of flight schedules. The weekday flight that previously left Wellington at 9.05am now leaves at 10.10am. It arrives in Timaru at 11.25am – an hour later than the previous timetable. The return service departs at 11.45am, 35 minutes later than its previous 11.10am departure. The 6.45am week-day flight from Timaru to Wellington has also been rescheduled and will fly out at 6.50am from February 27. A spokesman said the timings of a number of regional services had been adjusted as part of a twice-yearly scheduling programme. The airline said schedule changes had been listed on the airline's website. Air New Zealand has added two flights to its Timaru schedule in the past 12 months. It flies out of Timaru 22 times a week. Aoraki Development Business and Tourism chief executive Wendy Smith said she would talk to Eagle Air if the change in schedule caused any issues. "The reality is the majority of business-related flights are the early flights. "The key for us is if we can get to Wellington." However, Rangitata MP Jo Goodhew says visiting MPs will now have to fly into Christchurch to complete their duties. "It's a difference of an hour, but it makes quite a difference putting an agenda together for a day. I'm certainly having to request other options for visiting MPs. It doesn't work for me."

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