23 July 2012

A black day for Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Wordmark.

Chief Executive Office Rob Fyfe announced today that the tails of all new aircraft entering the fleet will be painted black and the lettering of the Air New Zealand name is being modernised. “Our iconic symbol, the Koru, will remain but it will be set within our national colour rather than the blue and green tones on our tails today. Alongside this change we are introducing a new lettering style for the Air New Zealand name, which will adorn all our new aircraft. This will also be rolled out across all our signage and communications channels by the end of the year,” Mr Fyfe says. Air New Zealand began using black as its corporate colour ahead of the All Blacks’ campaign last year. “Black has resonated well with our customers and staff who identify with it as the colour of New Zealand and a natural choice for our national airline. It inspires pride, is part of our Kiwi identity and a symbol of Kiwi success on the world stage,” Mr Fyfe says. The airline worked in collaboration with world leading Kiwi typeface designer Kris Sowersby and Designworks to develop exclusive new lettering for the Air New Zealand name. Kris’ previous clients include the prestigious Harvard Business Review. Mr Sowersby says he is proud to have had the opportunity to work with such an iconic New Zealand brand name. “The Air New Zealand lettering has remained relatively unchanged for the past 20 years, but the airline has undergone significant cultural and reputational change. The challenge was to develop a new style which retained the history and credibility while injecting a new sense of momentum and modernity.”

Air New Zealand 777, Black Aircraft Tail.

Terrible news... as someone just said to me, "It is barbaric... these marketing people who think it is trendy." Air New Zealand is about to become a colourless airline 


  1. I like it. I think its a great idea.

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  3. Since when has black been the 'national colour' of NZ? It's the colour of a rugby team, not a country. Is Air NZ intending to become the personal carrier for the All Blacks and stop all general passenger services? What a pathetic decision.
    Wow, look, a white plane with a black tail. How exciting....

  4. it's a cheap make over!! all they got to do is put some masking tape around the koru and they can paint it. very Air NZ

  5. This is one of the first pages I check when I logged onto the net each day, shocked today to read this article. I agree with Anonymous #1 black is not out national colour, its just that sport in new zealand rules everything. Sad Sad Sad, why not make it blue and red like our nations flag ! If this is Robs decision, then I am glad hes heading out the door.

  6. At least it will match the black and white Star Alliance look...