28 July 2012

Ansett NZ - Whisper Memories

The next look at Ansett New Zealand's fleet, some 25 years after they got airborne

A comparison of Ansett New Zealand's BAe 146's 200 and 300 series in the original New Zealand stars colour scheme. 200 series ZK-NZA at Dunedin on 16 September 1992 (above) and 300 series 300 ZK-NZK at Dunedin on 12 September 1992. Photos : S Lowe

G-BPBT (above) was a series 200 Quick Change variant. It is seen above at Christchurch on 2 Dcember 1989 and then later as ZK-NZC again at Christchurch, on 6 February 1997... Note the large cargo door in the photo below. Photos : S Lowe

BAe 146-300 ZK-NZL at Auckland on 16 April 1999 with the Australian stars tail... I don't see why they didn't leave the NZ flag type-stars on the tail. Photo : S Lowe

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  1. It was a NZ-fied Southern Cross - all FOUR stars with 5-points. The Aussie Ansett birds had a Southern Cross set with five stars that looked more like the Australian flag dimensions. The large 7-point star confuses things a bit I suppose but it was integral to the Ansett brand logo.