14 September 2012

FJH through the years

Cessna P206E Super Skylane II ZK-FJH (c/n P206E-00634) has been in New Zealand since the 30th of August 1984 and has been used by a number of operators. It seems to have carried its Happy Fyer titles from its pre New Zealand days and was used by a number of operators in this scheme, including with Marlin Air based out of Haruru Falls near Paihia in early 1985...
I caught ZK-FJH carrying Happy Flyer titles from perhaps pre New Zealand days at Queenstown on the 23rd of May 1987... but which operator was using it then? It operated for Air Fiordland in 1993 but I am not sure if it carried Air Fiordland titles. Notice that it carries Stationair titles when it is in fact a Super Skylane. Photo : S Lowe

Titleless at Whitianga on 31 January 1992 Again, any ideas if it was being used by a Whitianga based operator? Photo : I Coates

Zk-FJH at Franz Josef on 13 June 1994 with Hokitika-based Westair. Photo : S Lowe

Westair's Franz Josef operation was taken over by Air Safaris. ZK-FJH at Tekapo on 12 November 2000 with correct Skylane titles. Photo : S Lowe

ZK-FJH is again back on the Coast operating for Ben Patterson's Wilderness Wings out of Hokitika. It is seen there on the 17th of March 2012. Photo : S Lowe

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  1. I have had the pleasure to own and operate Cessna P206E ZK-FJH for three years. This aircraft is very honest and has excellent performance with shorts strips and high altitude alpine operations.