20 September 2012

More and less flights for Queenstown


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  1. Yes, well. Really, how committed are they? Ok, a ninth aircraft but for how much of the day? Often flies one sector domestically then whistle off on an international flight. Extra staff/crew blah blah blah. Whatever. Ground staff are already in place with current contractors. Crew, well they will rope in Australia pilots. Cabincrew maybe a few extra. Maintenance staff - already in place. All smoke and mirros IMO.
    Watching brief on Dunedin, what on earth does that mean? Standby, we're about to bail out? Same as Pacific Blue's foray when they were a domestic operator?
    I wonder how long before the WGTN-QNT sector is cancelled/scaled back.
    Guess they will be actively looking at servicing the regions next, or is that part of NZ totally unimportant to Australian based airlines?
    Enough ranting.............