10 November 2012

A look at the Cook Strait commuters... Sounds Air

The Nelson Evening Mail had an interesting article about Cook Strait commuters, the regular passengers who fly the "Nelly-Welly" route... The full article can be found at...
This is the piece that focuses on Golden Bay Air... http://www.stuff.co.nz/nelson-mail/news/7908023/Long-commute-no-deterrent
Sounds Air administration manager Kim Whitehead said the air service's 7am flight from Nelson on a Monday, with a dozen seats available, was always full. "They have formed a wee club, and they travel every week. Most of them come back on the Friday at 7pm." Ms Whitehead said commuters made up the bulk of Sounds Air clients over winter, including people who went to Wellington for a day. Some bought chunks of 10 flights at a time.


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