14 November 2012

Eagle Cans Wanaka

Eagle Air has today said it is suspending its loss-making service between Christchurch and Wanaka from January next year. Airline manager Carrie Hurihanganui says the service, introduced in 2004, has always struggled commercially, and rising costs have forced the move. The last flight will be on January 30.


  1. ...Not hardly surprising, Eagle has made no attempt whatsoever to develop this route. Just an excuse to cover for their worsening maintainance record of their 1900D airliners. What next? Masterton? Timaru? Soon as Air Nelson takes over ALL prop services, the better!

  2. And how do you propose Air Nelson will take over "all prop services" with just 23 Dash 8's?

    No doubt you're just another wannabe plane spotter with little appreciation of the complexities of running a commercial airline.

    In the end, the numbers weren't there so Wanaka lost it. It's so simple even you should be able to understand that.