03 April 2013

A Challenge for Air New Zealand

To Mr C Luxon
Air New Zealand

Dear Christopher...

On the 3rd of October 2015 it will be 50 years since you commenced pure jet operations.

While you are busy figuring out what to do with a new colour scheme for the Air New Zealand fleet how about considering a DC-8 retro scheme on one of your new Boeing 787s? It would look great!

Kind regards


Photo : Wikipedia


  1. I wish !! I would be very surprised if they do, but also very very happy. Ive been wanting Air Nelson to do one of their dash 8's in the old red and silver scheme for a while but alas . . . .

  2. and an atr in the old Mount Cook colours and a 1900D in the old Eagle colours.

  3. Imagine the B777-300 in the DC8 scheme, especially the shiny chrome belly and teal cheatline....now that would look goood!!

  4. Air NZ have been bombed with emails for at least one of the remaining 737s to be given a retro NAC livery...No luck so far. I do like the old Southern Cross livery though, would look great on a 767 as well...even a 787 should they eventually arrive!?!

  5. I recently bought a model kit of the 787 with the express intention of using a set of ANZ DC-10 decals on it ;-)