02 June 2013

Air New Zealand - the new black look

Wayne Grant captured these nice shots of Air New Zealand's Airbus 320 ZK-OJQ at Auckland on 1 June 2013

and also these nice shots of Mount Cook Airline's/Air New Zealand Link's ATR 72 ZK-MVC at Auckland on 1 June 2013


  1. Is black and white a colour scheme?

  2. Read: "New 'absence of colour' scheme"

  3. I think the black and white colour scheme looks great.

    I love hearing the sentimental bleating from the plane spotter weirdos bemoaning the phasing out of the rather dated nineties livery.

  4. How exactly was it 'dated'? The new livery is almost exactly the same, except that now it's all black instead of a subtle green/blue mix (ie teal).