18 June 2013

Guam Spotting...

Guam was a fascinating place... Not a lot of time for plane spotting though - the one thing I missed was a US Air Force helicopter flying slowly past when I was at lunch... without my camera!!!

So the only photos were at the airport before I left. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of variety as I awaited my flight home... this is everything I took...

On departure, Jeju Air's Boeing 737-800 HL8263 gets airborne from Guam on 9 June 2013
United Airlines Boeing 777-200 starts taxi at Guam on 9 June 2013
Out of the plane window... FedEx's MD-11 N582FE at Guam on 9 June 2013
A couple of Cessna 172s on local operations... N5448K and N9551L on 9 June 2013

Boeing 737-700 N13720 waiting for its flight to Chuuk
3 Boeing 737-800s... Above, N14325,
 below, N14240
and N26232


  1. Did you see any of the Shorts 360s that are operated out of Guam?

  2. I did see them in the distance as we taxied... Unfortunately my only spotting was when dropped off to catch the flight out