17 August 2013

Eagle Air to Rotorua...

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Can anyone tell me when Eagle Air started operating Auckland-Rotorua??? - It may have been from 1 November 1993 when Kerikeri came on to the Eagle network but I am not sure. I have got a gap of some years in my Air NZ timetables so if anyone has some old timetables from this period they may be able to help

I would also like to know when Mount Cook stopped operating Auckland-Rotorua.

Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks

Steve - westland831@gmail.com


  1. I have an NZ timetable from 1990 showing Mount Cook flying 2 x daily HS7s and 1 x daily Piper. I didn't know Mount Cook had a Piper Chieftain but it seems to route from Auckland to KKE/TUO/ROT. Then a jump in my timetables to 1995 and Mount Cook have dropped the Piper and just have a double daily HS7 service.

  2. Thanks... Can you tell me the date of the 1995 timetable. Mount Cook's Chieftain service to Kerikeri is covered in this post http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2012/11/mount-cook-airlines-sunbird-service-to.html

  3. Rotorua had Eagle Air in the 70s

    Mt Cook was around the same time that we had NAC but Im not sure of the year but it was definiteley around in the mid 70s and possible earlier than that as well.