09 August 2013

More Tongan Woes

An Air Chathams aircraft which has been providing the only flights to Vava’u in Tonga is out of service for the next few days due to mechanical problems. New Zealand owned Air Chathams leased a 50-seat Convair aircraft to Real Tonga for flights to Vava’u until the controversial MA-60 begins service. Despite the Tongan government saying the MA-60 would be in service from last week, it is yet to receive an Air Operation Certificate which would allow it to carry passengers. The general manager of Air Chathams, Noel Gillespie, says its plane is being repaired over the next few days. Mr Gillespie also says the Convair’s short-team lease to Real Tonga ends in a week. The chief executive of Real Tonga, Tevita Palu, says the MA-60, which is the final stage of certification, should be ready by then. Mr Palu says Real Tonga hopes to charter a Fiji Airways plane for flights to Vava’u over the next few days.

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